Hate Speech

Ok so unless you have been living under a rock, you may be aware of the Israel Folau Debate. Living under a rock would have suited me preferably then living through this debate. So to excuse the pun I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate on this one. Just put it out there what if Hell is indeed real? To try and stop more and more souls to be sent to this eternal pit of fire. Israel Folau made a meme and posted it on the internet. This was a Barry Sheene type mistake as far as his career goes. This guy obviously does not care and is more concerned about the numbers in Hell. As he has been warned about his religious posts by the Australian RFU or whatever they’re called.

So he is risking everything to save fellow souls from the Devil himself. Sounds pretty Christian to me seeing as he was the best-paid rugby player in the world. Not to mention a very good full back. However, it’s Hate Speech.

The Israel Folau Debate

Is Hell Real?

The Israel Folau Debate

 Apart from the bible and Jesus and the churches and the other Religous teachings, we have no real proof. No scientific evidence as such. Unless you believe the testimony of people on youtube who have died clinically and went to hell…

 Visions from Hell


Look at this guys face. You don’t even have to watch the video to realise this guy did actually experience Hell. His is one of many visions on youtube. If you happen to watch a few different random videos you might find on the subject as I have. You may note they have scaringly similar accounts.

Freedom of Speech

Personally, I don’t see this as a freedom of speech thing Israel is just preaching the Bible. So in my eye’s, he is just “God Squad”. They have been around since the beginning of time. Standing on street corners with signs around there neck, spouting the same story. Repent. Annoying as Hell I know and I personally avoid all contact with these people. Why? I’m afraid they might be right. Probably on my way to the pub, to get out of the house of sin I’m living in. Some people especially in the Rugby World have come out and accused Israel of Hate Speech. Which I’m confused about.


Homophobia being the biggest concern. Which also confuses me. I’m guilty as hell of many things on that list, yet they had to make it all about them. The only gay in the village type scenario. The only people to get offended. The young gay people with full back international rugby dreams only to have the dreams destroyed by there own Idol. Now on the brink of suicide.?? So he warns them of Hell and what to fear. Thus driving them to suicide, so they can get there faster?

Some pundits realising what Hate Speech is, but not! This is because in their own judgment of Israel’s religious beliefs and calling him Homophobic. Is actually also guilty of Hate Speech as the NEW law states “any religious group” Christianity being a fairly big group at that. His views where definitely a religious belief not a personal vendetta against Gay or Drunk People. A warning, his faith is so strong like all the God Squad they stand on that corner and preach and they believe they are doing this for you. To save you.

I may not like what your saying but I will die fighting for your right to say it

Some pundits who attacked Israel who didn’t realise what Virtue Signalling is. What a social justice warrior is or even what hate speech is. Or even what throwing your own back row teammates under the bus is. The media does and loves this stuff and like Brexit is designed to split opinions and the people. I just find it a massive shame that the old books values are so far from society NEW laws. That it can’t even be quoted without causing all this political correctness. Any religious book that anyone wants to spout, you really don’t have to listen. Meanwhile, parents kids are getting put into foster care. This is because their parents don’t agree with them taking hormones so young into there life! We are not only fighting old values true or false were fighting nature a battle we are all destined to lose.


Meanwhile the cross burns…

Thanks Martin