The Deluxe Model

The Deluxe Model

So every good manufacturer has a deluxe model and this is our’s for our birdhouse range. Boasting over one thousand square inches of eating and living space… Made mostly of solid hardwood, with real led valleys and ridge caps. This is definitely the Hilton of the Birdhouse.

The Deluxe Con…

Deluxe Birdhouse

So the deluxe con is that although you’re buying a Mercedes it’s not the best Mercedes if you want the best Mercedes you need to go AMG and get on a waiting list. Unless you don’t mind second hand deluxe. In which case I found some lovely second-hand AMG over 500bhp massive engined Mercedes and you will get a cracker if you spent 20 grand compared to the 250 000 they originally cost. With less than 100 thousand miles on the clock, hardly an arse dent on the leather seat…

Deluxe lifestyle

Making of Deluxe Birdhouse

So maybe we are living in a Deluxe lifestyle. Where everything is a push of a button away cruise control, air conditioning or what am I even talking about. It’s only a voice command away. If Alexa can understand you that is, a mumbling Irish English bad side of every twang I struggle to get humans to understand me. However, I had to make a solid dormer for this job to put a lead valley in and led soakers.

Why bother?

Super Deluxe

Why? Because it’s not gonna leak on all those deluxe bird tenant’s and because it looks cool and like a dolls house is now a Deluxe Model, not a super Deluxe we are working on that. The exact scale of your mansion??? Or property? Call us on our correct number displayed on site


The deluxe model

If I can get away with putting “Anyway” as a subheading you know this blogging thing is quite easy. Four words to Go.

Thanks Martin