Most of our window repairs are broke down units, this is where the unit has broken down usually after many years often a decade or so and is no longer sealed, and you will see condensation inside the double glazed unit itself. Apart from being an eyesore and not being able to look through your glass this also is no longer working for you energy-wise, and its creating condensation on the inside of your window, Damp. With the use of K glass now and argon filled units, these are designed to keep heat in and most importantly putting your condensation on the outside of your window.

We work closely with a local company. Leamington Glass .These guys have been going as long as us over forty years and supplied us with all aspects of glazing. The only glass company I know of locally who can make your unit the same day when ordered before noon. 24hrs if specialised safety glass.

Excellent at face putty and hack outs we use them to glaze all our sash windows and wooden casements. Also, anything to do with mirrors, bevel edged or polished and have worked alongside them to create some great spaces with mirrors. Also, we do triple glazing and structural glazing for glass walls.

Last but not least for the old school they still can replace your leaded lights the old traditional way, using individual pieces of glass and welding led. Repair or restore another old trade I would hate to disappear because some people like to keep things original or you may have no choice if you’ve bought a lovely house in Warwick next to the castle and its listed