Part 1

I’m going to try and explain a little bit about how to make wooden windows and casements. Firstly you will need your planed timber. In this case, it was 55mm x 45mm

Making Wooden Windows and Casements

Face side Face edge

Making Wooden Windows and Casements

This is the most fundamental part of joinery. Whether you’re making a door a window or a chest of drawers. Face side is the one side of the widest bit of wood, preferably the best-looking side. As in this side will usually be seen. Face edge is the one edge of the narrowest side or edge. Clues in the name really as a side is wider than an edge. The Face side is a loop drawn in pencil with the end of the loop hitting the Face edge. The Face edge is an Arrow drawn in pencil with the point hitting the corner of your face side. You still with me??

The reason for Face side Face Edge

Making Wooden Windows and Casements

As the picture above shows if you’re making a frame once finished. All face sides and face edges will be pointing inwards. Easy right? So the reason being unless its just a flat all round frame, we might get confused if we start to cut a rebate or two. This casement has two different sized rebates on either side. Two different angles on the outside rebate touching the glass and on the rebate touching the window frame. Also a groove on one of the rebates with a groove inside that. This is for capillary action leading all the water around the casement to the sill where it can drain out. So it can get confusing when cutting a lot of rebates and other things. This is where face and edge help us keep track of what side of the wood is going to hit your blade. Also, wot side to put to your Fence.

Cutting A Rebate

Making Wooden Windows and Casements

So here although you can’t see it I have all my face sides pointing away from the fence and all my face edges upwards and I have cut my first side of the rebate.

Here I have flipped the piece of wood adjusted the saw and we are cutting our rebate. With the face side now up and the face edge pointing away. I have marked it this time for the camera and all you guys.

I lay the cut pieces all the same way in order to remind me how to put the timber through the saw. At this early stage, there is already 3 wrong sides I could use or I could flip the timber lengthways and continue to have 4 other sides that are wrong.

Stage by Stage

I could not put this into one blog as there is a lot to explain (smashed over 300 words already) but already we know about Face side and edge and how to cut one rebate. Also, it is a lot to take in. So don’t forget to tune in next week for Part 2. on Making Wooden Windows and Casements. Of course much much more like out and about in Leamington Spa. Also in this blog, I’m showing an exposed blade for the sake of the blog do not ever work without a guard. Especially on a beast like a Wadkin or any saw for that matter!! Saw blades have no forgiveness what so ever!!!

Out and About in Leamington Spa

Out and About in Leamington Spa

I was lucky enough to go to the Royal Spa Centre friday night past

To see these guys the George Michael tribute act.

Could only find a facebook page for them and for a moment I thought there were 2 official sites for the spa centre. A conspiracy this time of night so close to finishing this blog would be unbearable. Although I don’t get out much, I have to say this was a brilliant night. Slightly overdressed in a suit. Black wife beater vest, leather soled shoes and prescription sunglasses and obviously not on the whats app group for what to wear to the George Michael Tribute show (real casual and trainers) I stood out a bit and probably should of felt more embarrassed , although I did for my friend on the night who was on the what to wear whats app group. The reason I wasn’t embarrassed, was as this was my funeral my Homage to the real George.

White Soul

I don’t care what he did or didn’t do in his lifetime or what sexuality he was. I do know when he crashed a car on drugs he did it in style, and also always very late at night. Minimizing any risks to kids? This guy though could sing soul music and he was white (not a racist thing just a rarity) and he looked sharp. The guys who showed up sounded great and had proper music set up. The lead and backers could sing you could literally close your eyes and it was him. Fire Alarm at half time and I got the chance to meet the whole crew which was great, and pics. It wasn’t me who set the fire alarm off coincidently. Dues to the keyboard guy who was shouting like mad the first few mins until that sound was absolutely right. Thumbs up from me anyway and the spa centre a nice little venue too to be fair.

Thanks again Mart