Making mistakes in workshop

Making Mistakes

So the pieces you see above lovely planed all round 45mm x40mm hardwood. As you can see they all have had one blast down the saw to create the rebate. The WRONG side I put them down the saw to create the rebate. How did I manage that? After all my chat and blogs about face side face edge, I made the mistake! Apart from rushing in my mind, I didn’t have my test piece. Why didn’t I have a test Piece? Too lazy to set the saw to do all the rebates on one little piece. I thought I had it in my mind. Joinery will get you like that, as always it was the same mistake throughout so at least I’m consistent.

Barry Sheen type Mistake

Making Mistakes

The old fella has a metaphor ” A Barry Sheen Type Mistake ” This wasn’t a “Barry type” mistake, nowhere near. A Barry type mistake would consist of coming off your bike at 100 miles an hour braking your back and various other bones. Putting your life savings your house and car on a game of cards and losing. This was just a few bits of wood and a couple of hours work. Kinda like writing a Blog but forgetting to save it. So what did I do?

Test Piece

Making Mistakes

After wasting 60 to 80 pounds worth of timber, which is a lie because I will use it for something else. Just beating myself up. I did what I should have done in the first place and that was run up a test piece. Test it for the hinge the rebate,draftproofing the whole lot. So now I’ve restored some confidance in what im doing and I can keep going back to the piece to check Im cutting the right side or face or edge or whatever. Before long Im past where I messed up.

The Man who did not make any mistakes did not make anything at all.

We all got to make a few mistakes to learn, to attempt anything is to experience fear of failure. To learn a trade, learn the guitar or even learn how to love, you are going to have mistakes. Even when like me you are supposed to know how to do things which I do. All it takes is a slip in concentration, start thinking about your dinner and guess what we’re eating sawdust cos I got to work late to make up for being an Ejit. Most importantly we stay safe and try and avoid those “Barry Sheen type Mistakes…”

Thanks Mart