The importance of jinge replacement. A lot of the time a decade or more usually after you have had your UPVC windows and doors fitted, the hinges, handles and locks may start to break, we have access to all window hinges and hundreds of different handles and locks. Sometimes, unfortunately, the windows might be that old, or that manufacturer went out of business, and we cant access specific locks or door hinges. In this case, we usually advise a replacement, and sometimes it’s not valid to spend £150 on a lock plus labour on a twenty-year-old door when maybe another hundred or two and you could get a new door.

Also, you may have a relatively new door, and there is no warranty, or you bought the house, and they can drop. They do move a lot in the different seasons especially on a hot day, some doors have an adjustment on the hinge and others can be toe and healed packing the glass panel. If it can be fixed, we will fix it.