Heritage in Warwickshire

Heritage in Warwickshire

So another successful installation last week. A heritage window in the lovely town of Warwick. From start to finish an exact copy of the original window. Although they weren’t the original original window from when the house was built. We matched what was there.

Bridge end

Heritage in Warwickshire

Bridge end is a little exclusive street round the back of Warwick Castle. You can probably hear the call of the peacocks in the mornings. Or maybe not so much now for these clients as we did update their window with draft proofing. Wow what a busy little road in the mornings, builders everywhere. With nearly every other house being renovated or extended. This is great for a street, maybe not when you’re taking your kids to school. However, the value must be pretty impressive.

Zinsser Cover Stain

Although it was a shame to paint this hardwood window. The reason I’ve used Hardwood is As have mentioned before in my Blog the quality of timber these days is not very good. So using softwood which would be fine if it was seventy-year-old Colombian pine. These days is not an option for me especially for anything that opens. I don’t want to be calling back when it swells, and then again in the summer when it shrinks. However, on request of the client, we used the Zinnser oil based primer. I will rate this stuff highly although it did have a couple of bad reviews for being a bit thick and it was. I don’t see that as a bad thing, lash it on I say! Nothing a quick light sand won’t cure when dry, and it drys fast as it says on the tin. The client will finish the job with water-based paint. Upon his request.

Made to measure Heritage in Warwickshire

We also supply completely finished windows primed and sprayed. We will be listing what we can on our shop for builders and the end user.
https://www.royalleamingtonsashwindows.com/shop/ That’s you reading this, not you AI (the google AI loves my blogs reads them every week) Also little note to the AI sorry it’s a day late, in fact, I’m thinking of changing my publish date to a Monday morning. So sorry about the inconsistency there. (you know what these robots are like!) Also, another little note to the AI have you made the robot carpenter yet? Soon as it’s ready, send him/her/fluid to me and I will train him/her/fluid up to the cloud. Thanks. If you wondering about how much a window like this cost’s this one was £1260 fitted.

The Hand of God

So, Billy, the hate speech guy got the winning try against Munster. To push them out of a European cup final. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

It’s like rain on your equal rights marriage wedding day,

it’s a free pundit ride when you don’t get picked or get paid,

its the social justice warrior advice that you just cant take

Who would’ve thought, it figures

Alright enough of the black fly’s in my Chardonnay

Stopped watching

stopped watching

Stopped watching

I used to watch these rugby channels for the rugby and that’s where Billy was this weekend man of the match not making any apologies. Playing top class professional rugby. That’s all Rugby should be about scoring tries winning championships. All these pundits have to sign some political correct contract or some shite. Islander’s were taught, God. Ignore it or flip off! If there preaching to you tell them to Flip off, simple. Grow up if your offended get councilling. It’s you not them.

Heritage Hypocrites

The Irish players I’m disgusted when God Bless You is the most used Irish Phrase, Brian O’Driscoll, Allan Quinlan and Ronan O’gara. All just forgetting God and the bible they all sworn on to get married in a church a vow to God himself. Hypocrites. Losing faith, not in the game but the people and the media circus that play it. All the above channels were guilty of hate speech.

Heritage Hate Speech in Warwickshire

I must also add if your Muslim or Buddhist I would be backing your freedom of speech the same way. This is rugby though not politics if you don’t like a tweet unfollow. I’m suicidal now, after all, my greatest rugby hero’s turned out to be Social justice Warriors and would defend the gay community. Before there own vows to god. Nothing against the gay community by the way or the trans or the fluids and if you where oppressed I’d fight your gay cause too.

Heritage in Warwickshire

Meanwhile, they paint police cars with rainbows for your parades so I’d say your good. Protected. Until you get to Hell that is, don’t worry I will be there too just less offended. To all the better educated gay people who are not offended I feel sorry for your victimised community which as you know is a sign of weakness. Also not a true expression of the true gay community who are not victims. Thanks, Martin