“The art or trade of cutting timber geometrically to create a structure.”

With the increased use of trussed roofs used in the country and nailguns, unfortunately, the art of cutting a traditional roof is a dying trade. As the director of this company a highly experienced carpenter and joiner, I’m very concerned with the lack of knowledge being carried on to newer generations. Imagine being a fully qualified carpenter and being so reliant on nail guns for speed that you cant swing a hammer.

Or so used to trussed roofs being hoiked up on a crane, that they cannot use simple maths to create a triangulation structure, let alone realise loads and irregular valleys and hips, which in its definition defies the term Carpentry. This is why we were always looking for apprentices with a genuine interest in the trade for a more traditional and responsible apprenticeship. If this is you, please contact us.

We supply 1st and 2nd fix carpenters and carry out all aspects of the trade.