Captains log;~11years 11 months and barely a few days till Extinction. Also, it’s been 29 days since my last weekly blog/Captains log

Captains Log

Captains Log, Firstly hi everybody I’ve missed you. Due to updates on the speed of my site optimization etc. I wrote three blogs that never saved. And it all started with the thickness of glass. However, it’s a long story I won’t bore you with. However, if your hanging around I will give you a funny story on what not to do when launching a website. Also if your a web siter or blogger I noticed it’s affected my rankings already so that’s one good tip. Publish blogs on time no excuse. I’m not blaming my web designer at all.!!! Especially when he sent me a picture of his new beautiful girlfriend, Not that it matters …

Not that it matters

Extinction Rebellion

Not that it matters because we are all doomed according to Extinction Rebellion. Unless we reduce our carbon footprint to 0 per cent by star~date Captain’s Log etc… Hey, guess what I’m gonna go Devil’s Advocate and call not even bull faeces’ es but a full conspiracy on this one. Two points:-

  • Freedom of passage
  • Conspiracy

Freedom of passage

Or something like that it’s a vague law that I can’t remember the official name for but basically Extinction rebellion managed to block three bridges in London the bank holiday weekend something the I.R.A Alcudia or any of the above have never managed. 9,000 cops meanwhile the taxpayer and the knife victims suffer and the moped thieves had easy pickings. Also, people that had genuine hospital appointments and medical drugs to collect suffered. Not to mention the people trying to work. Or the families trying to go on holiday for the weekend the list goes on… You have your wife two kids in the back and you are on your way to the hospital because one of your youngest kids has a cancer appointment. Meanwhile…

Antifa Captains log St Louis June 2017

So this is basically what happens when you block people’s freedom of passage or whatever that law is called. Not like your right of passage when your 18 “big shout out to Caoilin” but similar. Like a cop can’t block your passage without due reason i.e an arrest to detain you. “also another big shout out to auntie Ange that lives in St Lou miss u” “2.22 “Spoiler Alert” round there is where this girl got run over and officially it’s not an assault. The driver was scared and had her right to freedom of passage. Also, you might note the chants of f~~k the police right up until the point until this slightly overweight protester got hit by a car and then if you can bear the noise. you may hear a few people from the same anarchy group saying to “Call the Police “

Meanwhile, the police sit calmly less than 50 yards away bear in mind this is America so we gonna work in yards and don’t care. Wonder why?

In London it was different

This is going to be a massive blog and if you got stuff to do I suggest you do it but I have goto get this off my chest. Reason being … oh wait I said already I wasn’t going to blame my web designer. However, I’ve three weeks of stuff to say. So here we go …

Ok, so Jermy Corbyn’s brother has a different view. He is a qualified scientist and has published papers something extinction rebellion have failed to do and he is calling bull Faces on the whole thing also about unlocking all our pension’s to save this doomed planet. As the good piers explain 4.4% of the whole atmosphere is made up of carbon. So if he is right all these sheep hippy’s have been fooled. Not to mention the celebrities flying in first class, and the founder having interest’s in the multi-million carbon app that will be installed to your phone and life shortly. Also rating your business and life and worth on your carbon footprint. Bearing in mind .4 % point four of all human waste makes up the stratosphere carbon footprint of our whole planet makes this debate very debatable.

Stop spraying our sky’s “Man”

Captains chem trail log

One of Extinction rebellion first asks is that the government is very clear about climate change. What about chem Trails?

Chem trails captains log 18/05/2019

Carbon Bull Faces

Captains sheep

Your climate is controlled by your government. My opinion check it out if you have time. but more importantly, the net tightens.

The Rugby

Billy the aposel

Hand of god x2 lightning always stikes twice.

So my friend billy takes the championship, not alone of course but did not get the man of the match no the guy who spent ten mins in the sin bin with the high tackles and giving away penalty’s that was the guy that got the “man”

Captains log The Saracens and the crusaders

The Saracens Cristian killers, the crusader’s were Christians Muslim killers are all rugby teams going to have to change their names now? In order to be politically correct?

Captains log We sell quality windows

We still worry about life and stuff.

Captains log Funny Story

So I had a very important email this morning. This guy who I won’t mention his name but was receiving a lot of enquiries about sash windows on his personal house number. This was because I’m so intent on saving the planet and writing blogs. I forget to check the phone number on my site was wrong for over 12 months. The poor guy listening to all my enquires I’m sorry. To all my skinny children also I’m very sorry this was an obvious Barry Sheene type mistake.

Captains log

Captains log to the A.i

To the A.i

After site updates, blogs will be published on Monday in future thankyou god bless you etc

Thanks Mart

Captain’s log signing out

We warned you …