Blogging for fun

Because I’m writing a blog weekly without fail, you could literally time your eggs off it. I thought it only proper order to write a blog about blogging a bit implodish I Know. To explain the word “implodish” that does not exist in my Grammarly dictionary so it probably does not exist in any dictionary, so I just made it a new word. Already you can see why blogging is fun right?



From the word implode which is basically what’s happening to society and the world right now. The opposite to explode like a bomb. The blast is now on the outside and it is being absorbed by us or the being. Like writing a blog about blogging! So this blog has just now imploded on itself from the inside in. Which is a bit Implodish are you with me?


Blogging weekly

Whos idea was it anyway? I’m going to blame my web designer. (you can find his details on the bottom of the site somewhere) He’s asleep right now God Bless him but here I am with a touch of writer’s block. Few beers two packets of jerky later and I’m back talking the best of it. No more swearing remember. Beef jerky interesting subject by the way because we’re going to be making Bilton boxes. Reviewing them and probably trying to sell them, for a post-apocalyptic post-Brexit situation I’m actually an ex-veggie myself for many a year (to any vegan haters I had a recent knee op and found out I’m that rare blood type that needs meat..) A Bilton box is how you make Jerky and I know a guy whos all into it, No Brexit talk either sorry I mentioned it I definitely won’t use it as a subheading or definitely won’t write a blog about it. If I do you will know I’ve fully Imploded


Fully Loaded Blogging

To write blogs week in week out to make youtube videos to be a digital Nomad it is indeed tough. For me, all I’ve ever used WordPress for was to rank my website. Which it does very very well. Actual fact tipp no 1. So I’ve already achieved a high ranking in another business in another time and another country. Same web designer same platform “WordPress ” recommended by my web designer who recommended I write blogs. Also, another entrepreneur that I just had to create a LinkedIn acc to get to say hi to. I Could just email him through one of his different websites but wouldn’t be very stylish, considering the very professional relationship we had. He also encouraged me to write blogs. Fully loaded references that previous business and all it entails and I’d like to thank those guys, for whatever reasons they encouraged me to write blogs for which I’m ever grateful. Also, I’m loaded as in I got a lot to say.

*tipp a county in Ireland where they like the Sports hurling and rugby and HTML

Making money from Blogging

how to make money

It helps if you got a lot to say, not from a how to make money scenario but if your just serious about writing a blog. I’m not that serious however I’m serious about producing a blog the same time week in week out. Why? Google loves it. It’s an algorithm its a computer it likes the same things same times, and also information. The more you can use your own real-time pictures and projects that are geotagged by google the better. For your website. Before you share them on any social media site. Actually, how to make money from blogging you need to talk to these guys.


From what I can see these guys have smashed it …

So check them out …

The Rugby

10 March 2019; Jonathan Sexton of Ireland celebrates with team-mates Jordan Larmour, 15, and Conor Murray after scoring his side’s second tryduring the Guinness Six Nations Rugby Championship match between Ireland and France at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. Photo by Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

Well, the Irish are back on form with 60 minutes of possession and a nice score. Can they stop the Welsh only to help the English? ?It’s a full-on war this coming weekend and a very exciting weekend and a very competitive six nations.

My predictions

Jesus Christ himself will pop down warn us to repent which we will duly ignore and Ireland will beat Wales with a bonus point. Scotland will beat England with England getting a losing point.

To be honest Ireland might win but they would do well. England will win this one unless the Welsh cousins will pull it out, in all earnest, I hope they do. Point being no one can predict much. If I could I’d go Wales 10 Ireland 33 England 30 Scotland nil. 🙁

I Hope I’m wrong like blogging though, its consistency and patience and persistence, or any trade in the world and blogging now is the new trade are you clued up? Watch this space

Thanks Martin