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With the increased use of trussed roofs used in the country and nailguns, unfortunately, the art of cutting a traditional roof is a dying trade.

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Chances are if you have sash windows and high ceilings, you will have prominent cornice mouldings, now apart from looking ever so grand

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From your basic up and over to Cedar side hinged wooden doors, we boast the biggest showroom in warwickshire. I love the gadgets you can get these days

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Firstly we look for the right timber like a good chef the right ingredients make for the most exquisite dish. The design so you can visualise any creation

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Secondary glazing is quite expensive, but if your windows are listed, and single glazed casements are your only option, this is the best solution.

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A lot of the time a decade or more usually after you have had your UPVC windows and doors fitted, the hinges, handles and locks may start to break

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Latest news, updates and thoughts

Cutting Grass

Cutting the grass

Cutting the grass So… Cutting the grass A very good family member got temporarily sick and I inherited some grass cutting duties. Not a problem is it? Do a bit of paperwork on board, listen to some tunes, easy life. Turns out no! Although John Dere grass cutters Are apparently the Rolls Royce of grass cutters, I’m here to tell you the ride is not…

The Deluxe Mode;

The Deluxe Model

The Deluxe Model So every good manufacturer has a deluxe model and this is our’s for our birdhouse range. Boasting over one thousand square inches of eating and living space… Made mostly of solid hardwood, with real led valleys and ridge caps. This is definitely the Hilton of the Birdhouse. The Deluxe Con… So the deluxe con is that although you’re buying a Mercedes it’s…

Captains Log

Captains log

Captains log;~11years 11 months and barely a few days till Extinction. Also, it’s been 29 days since my last weekly blog/Captains log Captains Log, Firstly hi everybody I’ve missed you. Due to updates on the speed of my site optimization etc. I wrote three blogs that never saved. And it all started with the thickness of glass. However, it’s a long story I won’t bore…

Heritage in Warwickshire

Heritage in Warwickshire

Heritage in Warwickshire So another successful installation last week. A heritage window in the lovely town of Warwick. From start to finish an exact copy of the original window. Although they weren’t the original original window from when the house was built. We matched what was there. Bridge end Bridge end is a little exclusive street round the back of Warwick Castle. You can probably…



Blogging for fun Because I’m writing a blog weekly without fail, you could literally time your eggs off it. I thought it only proper order to write a blog about blogging a bit implodish I Know. To explain the word “implodish” that does not exist in my Grammarly dictionary so it probably does not exist in any dictionary, so I just made it a new…


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